Reflection on EDU 305

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has created standards to help teachers effectively integrate technology into their classrooms. There are three concepts created by the ISTE that I feel strongly represent how I want to use technology in the classroom.

The first is to “Design and Develop digital age learning experiences and assessments” Standard 2B. This concept helps students use technology enriched learning to help explore their personal interest and curiosities to become active learners. It also has a constructivists viewpoint when it encourages students to manage their own learning, and focusing on their personal growth. I have learned from experience that students are more intrinsically motivated when their goal is to do better than the day before, and not competing against their neighbor for a better grade. If we can use technology to help our students explore their own curiosities, they will be able to set their own goals for education. Self-efficacy in learning is very important in student academic growth.

The second concept that I found intriguing was from “Model digital age work and learning” standard 3B. Part of the classroom instruction today is to prepare students to be productive and innovative citizens of the 21st century. With all of the new social media and faster communication tools, some students are become detached from social interaction with peers and the community. Standard 3B discusses how we need to teach our students how to use technology to effectively communicate with peers and the community. A use in the classroom is showing how students can connect their ideas with the world, and teaching them how to respond to other’s ideas respectfully. Communicating through the internet is a great tool, but it can also be a big weapon. Teaching our students to have ethics and morals when disagreeing or searching the internet is crucial to incorporating technology into the classroom effectively.

Lastly, the concept “Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility” standard 4B. Legal and ethical behavior is not a concept that people talk about when they talk about computer safety. The usual safety tip is to not give personal information out carelessly on the internet. However, we need to educate our students that your behavior on the internet needs to be just as legal and ethical as if you were doing it in real life.

This class has opened my eyes to the endless uses of technology in the classroom. The most important concept I have learned this semester is to always integrate technology in a MEANINGFUL way. Having technology is a great tool, but do not waste technology by forcing it into the curriculum and lessons. It should always enhance the learning of students and their education.


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